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Montessori World Wide

Here at BHMS we find commonality with authentic Montessori practice internationally. We are inspired with world-wide developments building on examples of projects which have emerged in the USA, Kenya, Australia and even in the UK!

Some of our past and potentially future projects include state funded Montessori education and a Montessori Adolescent Community, for students aged 12-18. If you are interested in working with us in such ways please email us at

Meanwhile Montessori Action, and also reach out from the USA on matters including public funded Montessori, Black Lives Matter and a great deal more!

Montessori education continues to be relevant today and into our future, as highlighted in this video by AMI Executive Director, Lynne Lawrence. Developmentally phased learning is provided through the senses and hands-on experience; giving sound basis for abstract, imaginative and creatively satisfying school work which becomes a platform of learning for life.

Association Montessori Internationale is our professional organisation, continuing the evolution of the Montessori pedagogy worldwide, and we are an international Training School for Montessori student teachers. AMI's September and October newsletters contain lots of useful information and links.

Would it work for my child?

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Sarah Cummins is the Chair of the Montessori Society AMI (UK). She brings her passion for working with children and adults to this and her other roles. Sarah holds an AMI 3-6 Diploma and is a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University on their Primary Education course, while also offering workshops for families through her Montessori studio Kith & Kin.

Every child and every family is unique, so please ask us anything you want to know.

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