About the school

The Brighton & Hove Montessori School was established in 1985 and provides an individualised Montessori education for boys and girls aged two to twelve years.

Our small community enables children to excel within a homely yet stimulating environment, as our friendly and experienced teachers facilitate the child’s education and enable learning opportunities within the Montessori classroom and further afield. We work closely with parents, maximising the child’s potential and thus laying the foundations for life as an independent, confident individual and a responsible citizen eager to learn and flourish. 

The Montessori method of education has been respected and used in public and private schools around the world for over 100 years. We've listed some interesting reading and links in our further information section.

Some key advantages of a Montessori education include:

  • Independent thinking and learning

  • Relationships across age groups,

    encouraging both independent and

    peer based learning.

  • Expansion and enrichment of the

    National Curriculum at each key


  • Evaluation of progress without

    enforced testing

  • Respect for self, community and

  • environment

Our vision at Brighton & Hove Montessori School:

  • The way to achieve a better and more peaceful world is to start with the child

  • We respect each person as a unique individual with different needs and contributions to make

  • We welcome each child, supporting the development of the human being through education and care

  • Our ethos can be summarised as ‘respect yourself; respect others; respect the environment'

Our small class sizes enable each child to receive one-to-one attention, for our children to excel within a stimulating environment and to engage in learning opportunities unique to the Montessori classroom.

We work closely with all of the parents, to maximise their children’s potential, thus laying the foundations for their lives as independent, confident and responsible citizens.


Our individualised learning plans, parental partnerships and regular feedback on the children’s progress, offer the very best learning environment.

Unique to Brighton & Hove Montessori School is our vision to accept each child as they are.  Our approach appreciates each of our children’s unique qualities, encourages all the children to grow at their own pace and to be active, enthusiastic learners in the world around them.

A parent's comments after observing in The Children's House in November 2018.

    "I noticed the teaching staff are able to attend to children's individual needs - there is constant observation of all children. The childrens' choice is always respected.


The children direct and guide each other in their work, by showing and waching each other. They are comfortable in and take care of the environment."

Safeguarding Statement:

Childrens’ welfare is our paramount concern.  The Designated Safeguarding Lead, Daisy, and Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Ben, and other staff members will ensure that our school will safeguard and promote the welfare of children. As appropriate, we will work together with other agencies to ensure that our school has adequate arrangements to identify, assess and support children who are suffering or likely to suffer harm.

The real difference is the formation of children’s fundamental capacities is hugely important during the first years of life – not just academic learning but the ability to concentrate, persevere and think for themselves as well as the ability to interact well with others. Children who have been given the right kind of support during these formative years grow into adults who are self-motivated and love learning, can think flexibly and creatively and who are not only conscious of the needs of others but actively foster harmony as they go through life.

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Brighton & Hove Montessori Ltd, 67 Stanford Avenue, Brighton, BN1 6FB

Telephone 01273 702485 info@brighton-montessori.org.uk


Company registered in England & Wales no. 4865322 

The Montessori Schools Foundation, Charity No. 1106446


Daisy Cockburn, Headteacher and Director

Out of hours emergency contact 07957583420

(please use main number for general enquiries)

Registered office: 67 Stanford Avenue, Brighton, BN1 6FB